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They spent how much, to go to a music festival?

Evening my friends, how are we doing? I hope your Tuesday was better than mine, because it would make me question all our collective Karma if your day was as long as mine. First, the work shift was slow, and being a night shift, that kind of slow is No Bueno for the old man here. With nothing to keep me awake I had to rely on several carafes of coffee (yes, plural, as in more than one jug of java). By the time 8 AM rolled around I was wired for sound from all the caffeine, which was good for about an hour, then I crashed hard, like the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. And then, for some crazy reason, everything has been going against me. I got locked out of my Yahoo account because for some reason my password wouldn’t work, and I know I was typing it in right because I typed the damn thing into Wordpad to make sure it was right. I had to get my phone to get the text to unlock the account, and on the way to get it I officially broke the record for the longest punt of a designer chair. Jackie Chan couldn’t have kicked this chair any better, and my swollen toes show it!

But you know what? For all my problems today, and there were many, I don’t think I could reach the level of bad luck that struck the people who went to this Frye Festival. Have you heard about this debacle? Yeah, seems a bunch of people paid anywhere from $1000 to $12,000 to attend some music festival on a ‘secluded’ island just off Jamaica, only the festival was a disaster. There was no entertainment, no place to sleep except tents, and no food or bathrooms. Hell, there was no running water, how do you have a festival with no running water? It was an unmitigated disaster, from the get-go people, but that wasn’t my biggest gasp when I read about the horror show. I kept asking myself, how does anyone who isn’t some rich snob have $12,000 to pay for a ticket to a music festival? Why would you pay that much is my question? People with common sense and a decent upbringing do not pay 12 Grand for a ticket to some music tour. We use the money to buy a house, but a car, or pay a portion of our kid’s College tuition.

And when I was talking with my friends about it, just a bunch of us common folk, we were all finding it hard to muster any sympathy for the people caught up in the fallout. I guess it’s hard to walk a mile in those shoes when my feet only fit into a pair of old slippers. Listen, I’m not putting those people down who paid a bunch of money to go to this thing, only to have it all fall through in cringe-worthy fashion. No, not at all. I’m just saying I don’t understand it, can’t wrap my noodle of a brain around how you spend 1 Grand, 4 Grand, or 12 Grand to go to a music fest. Do you know who much I cry when I pay my mortgage, the pain my wallet takes? I can tell each and every check I write to that bank because I can recognize the tear-stained paper. I don’t gamble because if I did, I’d lose my mind every time I lost a hand of Poker or a pull of the one arm bandit.

Oh well, I guess that will just be one more mystery I’ll have to live with. I hope everyone has a quiet night, get some rest, and I hope tomorrow is a good one. Remember my friends, keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane, and I will see you soon…

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