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Category: Musings That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / May 8, 2017

Good afternoon my faithful friends and followers, I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and more importantly, I hope your Monday is not too terrible. I know, hoping you have a good Monday is like hoping you don’t get too cold while running through a snow storm in your underwear, not really all that helpful. Just suck it up, grit those teeth, and make it through. As for me, well this is my Friday if you think of it, my last shift is tonight so I’m a little excited. Sorry for those suffering, I’ll keep my happiness on the inside, as much as I can at least.

I went to the Gym this morning and ran right into what I would consider one of the silliest confrontations I have come across in a while. My gym has a whirlpool and a spa, like most big box global gyms do, only the ones at mine are down at the present moment. The spa has a problem with producing steam while the whirlpool has an issue with temperature control, seems there is none for the pool and that is most certainly not good. Now, I use neither of these amenities so I never knew both were broken, but there’s a bunch of people at the gym who seem to need them both, desperately, like if they can’t steam or whirlpool they might die. Seriously, I’m not kidding in the least.

When I went into the locker room for the bros, this guy slipped up beside and handed me a clipboard to sign his petition to either get the spa and whirlpool fixed or members would stop payment of their dues to the global gym itself. Well, I responded with a raised eyebrow, I don’t use the spa or whirlpool so I don’t think it would be right to sign your petition, but thanks. That’s when the dude took it kind of personal, as if I just spit in his bowl of morning Wheaties or something. He told me it was my duty to stand up for everyone because we’re all in it together. Wow, I was kind of taken back, the whole High School Musical reference kind of throwing me for a moment. I swear, I could see Zach Effron dancing behind him singing that stupid song for a second or two. I then asked him about safety, as in the fact the gym has to make sure we’re all safe or they might get sued. No one wants to mistakenly go sit in a whirlpool and get boiled alive, right? The gym has more to look out for sometimes then our needs, as in making sure no one kills themselves by accident. The conversation stopped right there then, the guy had no come back and just walked away to find someone else to sign his petition. I only smiled, because I had a feeling this was all for mute anyway. The gym probably had the problem under control, and they did. I asked the girl behind the desk on the way out when everything was going to be fixed and she said by tomorrow morning. I wonder if that guy will take credit for getting everything fixed? I wonder just how many signatures his little petition had?

Oh well, let the cosmos answer those questions, I have better things to concern myself with. I have to get ready for this last shift. I hope everyone has an acceptable Monday, or what’s left of it thankfully, and as always, keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane

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