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Category: Musings That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / May 25, 2017

Good evening my faithful followers and friends, I hope your Wednesday was a good one and that your hump day was sweet. Just think about it, your halfway through the week and this weekend, well it’s a three day one. Yep, you all get an extra day so I hope you enjoy it with friends and loved ones.

I know I was gone all of last week, a long and exhausting week, and I am sorry about that everyone. It’s that time of year when the child’s school is coming to an end and thus all the crap that time of year entails comes with it. I have been going crazy, as well as my child, with trying to slug our way through groups and clubs who have end of the year gatherings and award nights. I’ve been helping and supporting my daughter through a myriad of final exams and getting ready for next year, where she’ll do the whole dual enrollment thing. I’m not going into an explanation of what that is right now, mostly because I have had enough of it and I’m ready to leave it…as in right where it’s at.

And maybe it was for the best that I didn’t blog last week as well. Add to what I have already said about my week, the time at work was more like a prison term than supporting people. I had so many calls where people had mistakenly done something they shouldn’t have, like discharged a patient instead of transferring, that I damn near lost my mind and the coup de grace, a client we told not to apply a patch to the database did just that. In a move that I can only describe and classify as a major brain dump, the site put in a patch and destroyed major part of the database infrastructure and then, with a child like ‘We didn’t know this would happen’ cry, tried to blame us for the 28 hours of downtime they had to suffer through. Oh, don’t think we didn’t pay for this as well, because we did. Every hour on the hour, for the whole 28 hours, we had a call to discuss our ‘progress’ with the rebuild of the database. Hell, let’s just call it what it was, a freaking resurrection. The calls were boring, and totally unnecessary. I mean, what can I tell you after only thirty minutes has gone by. ‘Hey, guess what guys, that little restore bar you have me watching has crept up a whole 2%. I think we should throw a party, wait, we can’t because I have to call you back…in THIRTY MINUTES TO SAY WE’RE 2% FARTHER ALONG THAN WE WERE BEFORE YOU KNUCKLEHEADS!’

And what really burned my butt, what was like getting sandpaper rubbed across my nether region, was the fact we told them not to put in the patch.

Yeah, told them upfront ‘Do not apply this patch as it will have an adverse effect on the database’. Sent it out in writing in an email to everyone as well as said it on the phone, to which they stated ‘yeah, but we read on this web site where it said it was okay to put the patch in.’ Ok, so, here I sit listening to this and thinking ‘hey, look at that, I just got ignored…kind of feels like being married again!’

Ugh, I’ve been doing some form or type of computer support for 20 years, maybe it’s time to look into another career?  Wait, I am working on another career, kind of. Yeah, writing book, being an independent author…damn near forgot about that.

See, my last week and a half has been draining. I need to take a vacation. I hope everyone has a great night and I will see you all soon. Remember, keep it between the ditches and keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane


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