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Category: Musings That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / July 17, 2017

After wandering in and stopping to take a long look around, the man known as R Kane begins to surmise where he has…returned too?

Okay, this place looks familiar, very familiar in a weird-Deja-Vu kind of way, like when you end up at the drive thru window and the guy hands you a bag of food, only you don’t remember stopping to tell the box by the menu sign what you wanted. Like when your nerdy friend with a lisp begins to speak in Elvish from the Lord of the Rings and you can almost understand what he’s saying though you don’t know the language.

Yes, it’s those kind of funky flashbacks that tell me I used to roam these halls, laying out incoherent thoughts and ramblings for everyone to read and never remember. It has followers, this blog as they call it, devotees who have stuck around while I have been away.

Yet, my time away has been for good. I have used the time wisely writing and finishing my new book. The time away gave me the chance to complete the manuscript and proof it (to the best of my abilities which isn’t saying much). All I have left to do is get the cover art done, and then package it up for publishing. So, see, I may have been MIA for a bit, it was all worth it in the end as a new book is coming out of my self-imposed exile. And I’ll let everyone know what its about as soon as I have the cover done.

But, since I’ve found my way back I might as well start this place up again. I’ll throw some fresh beers in the cooler, clean off the old furniture, and we can all come back. So, go tell all you know, R Kane has come home, spread the good word while I get this place hopping once more.

Good to be home everyone…

Thank for sharing!

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