Where did I put that? Oh yeah, here it is, the WEEKEND!!

Category: Musings That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / August 4, 2017

Good morning my friends, followers, and just good people. I hope everyone had a nice week, nothing bad happened, and hey, look here, it’s Friday. The weekend has arrived, just a mere 12 hours away from being able to cut loose and have some fun, or sleep in, or have fun sleeping in. The best part of the weekend is being able to do just whatever it is you want, unless you work on the weekends like I do, which then I’d like to offer my apologies because our work week is about to start. Damn, now I feel like crying, crap!

Oh well, can’t stop the bus from rolling on they say. I did have a good week myself, got a good it done on the re-edit of The Man in the Black Hat, so I should have that done soon. And that means I can publish the new book here soon which I hope everyone will enjoy. That reminds me, I have to get to work on the cover of the book soon. I have zero skills with being a graphic artist, so what might take someone with an aptitude toward art and Photoshop an hour or two to complete takes me two or three…days. Yeah, I crash and burn so many times that’s it’s ridiculous, the very meaning of insanity. But, after so many fails, I usually get that one break and the cover for the book appears. Like mana from heaven, an oasis in the desert, or even a cold beer after mowing a two-acre lawn with a push mower (been there, done that, never going back!), I get blessed. All you have to do is keep trying, be a little patient, and it usually turns out fine.

Now, this is something I’ve been trying to convince my beautiful daughter, especially of late. I love her to death, but she’s a product of the time, meaning she expects everything to work perfectly and right then and there. This isn’t a bad thing, not at all, things like iPods and smart phones and such should work and be somewhat easy to work. But, this attitude isn’t and shouldn’t be the expectation for all things in life, like going after your dreams. You want to go to college at Boston University, great, then work you butt off to get there and understand it is not an instant process. Understand and figure out all the steps you need to complete to reach your dream, dig in and do what it takes to make it happen, and know there will always be obstacles you need to clear before you get there. It’s all about keeping the faith people, knowing the end of the long road your walking is coming, and that what you get in the end equals the effort you had to put in to get it.

See, that’s why I chose the Independent route for being an author. Yeah, I don’t know everything and I’ve made and will make mistakes, but in the end, I made my dream happen with my own hands an no one else’s. I walked my road with my dream, it was hard but glorious, and in the end, I beat the odds and did it. Patience and faith, both will get you far in this world if you just let it.

As for me, I am out of here so I can start my day. I have rambled enough, time to turn off the spigot and let you people rest. I hope you have a great weekend, keep it safe and between the ditches, and I’ll see everyone on Monday. As always, remember to spread the goof word that is  R Kane.

See you soon…

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