Wow, made it out alive, and with only a few scratches…

Category: Musings That's just R Kane Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums Written by R Kane / August 9, 2017

Good evening to all my friends and followers out there on the Intra-webs and spaces. I hope everyone is doing good this Tuesday night, that you made it through Monday and came out on the other side with all your working parts still working. As for me, I can say with a certainty, I have had better work weeks with less stress and frustration. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in this situation, in the middle of a poop storm where something goes so backwards and so wrong that you actually wish for time travel so you can go back three days, just go back and slap the HELL out of someone, well that was me this weekend. And the guy I wanted to hit? Well, he was the guy who promised us ‘there’s nothing to worry about, I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen?’

That should have been my warning flare, the big red light that goes off when some knucklehead has just cursed you to lowest depths of ‘now-you-know-its-going-to-blow-up-in-your-face!

And boy did it go boom, pieces and parts and shit flying everywhere.

Want to know how to tell when an upgrade goes bad? It’s when the lights shut off in the server room because the power just disappeared, and this is just a few seconds after someone asks, slightly baffled, as they look out the windows of the office, ‘hey, isn’t that Dave the IT guy, hauling ass across the parking lot to his car?’.

Yes, yes, it is. That’s Dave, running balls out for his car, getting the hell out Dodge because he knows full well he just blew up the WHOLE SYSTEM with his upgrade. Hell, he messed it up so bad he disconnected the power, and he wasn’t even working ON the power grid.

So yeah, I spent my weekend helping customers get back on their feet, recover from less than successful upgrades, and then to hear Glen Campbell passed, well that was just the final float of this crappy parade I had to watch pass-by. So here I sit, drinking a beer to rest my weary and tired soul, and listening to Mr. Campbell sing ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ over and over again. Damn, but the man could sing, and I will miss him.

See everyone soon, I promise, so keep your head down and keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane


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