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Category: Uncategorized Written by R Kane / August 20, 2017

Good evening my people, some of the best Internet friends any one could hope for. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far, that your spending plenty of time with your loved ones and family. Me, well I’m working, and I can say with a smile that first day of my shift is in the books. I made it through, though there were a few moments I came close to losing my religion. When you tell someone three times you don’t have the key to the supply cabinet, that you are actually IT support and not the local Staples store, and they just keep asking how they’re supposed to get a new pen when the cabinet is locked…well, your patience gets stepped on just a little.

But hey, I’m just swinging by to say the re-edit of The Man in the Black Hat is complete and I should have it up on Amazon, CreatSpace, and Smashwords here soon. Then, I can let The Four Winds from the Silver Mountain out and see how it does. Oh, and I have been in the process of switching from Windows 10 to Linux Mint so I can feel free at last. I’ve always been a Linux guy dressed up in Windows sweater, but I finally got tired of 10 crashing on my laptop, causing no end to the grief my creative side was feeling. Now, I’m home in a Linux OS and my spirit feels SOOOOOOO much better.

Well, it was a short visit and I’m sorry for that my friends. I’ll put in a little extra in the next post, till then stay safe and have an excellent rest of your weekend. And remember, keep on spreading the good word that’s R Kane.

See you all soon…

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