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And a Good Morning this Sunday…

Morning all my friends and followers, and a hearty welcome to all the new friends who have liked my page on Facebook. Welcome to the crazy, but so much damn fun, world that is R Kane. The snacks are to the left while the schmoozing and mingling is to the right. Just remember, please keep your hands and elbows inside the care while the ride is in motion.

So, I know its Sunday and the weekend is coming to a close. I hope everyone had a great time, got to relax and decompress from work. I say take a few minutes from the rest of the time you have left this Sunday and just reflect on all the good things you have in life, your family and loved ones, and let those good feelings carry you through the week that’s coming. Get that motor inside your center, your soul, revved up and ready to take on the Monday with the fierceness of Conan (he’s a character from books and movies for the young ones who don’t know). Me, I’m already getting pumped about what lies ahead, from getting the old web site updated with the new book information to work around the old homestead to clearing out a few quests in Warframe.

And no, you didn’t misread that, there is no time set aside for TV or movies. See, I don’t watch either much, well I do have Netflix and watch it sometimes, but mostly that’s for the kid. And I have gone to three movies in the last two years, I think. And yet, I haven’t watched regular TV in a long time, like since the first season of Fear The Walking Dead. I’m usually playing a video game, or writing on a new book or story, or have my nose buried deep into my eBook reader. That may sound weird, or nerdy, but there is nothing on TV that I have any interest in watching. I hate news shows, find nothing funny on Comedy Central, and late-night TV can’t hold a candle to running and gunning in a video game. So yeah, I’m just a big old nerd. I do go to the gym on a regular basis so I’m not THAT big, but I’m still a nerd, right to the bone baby. I have a subscription to Linux Magazine and I keep the SQL Cookbook right on the corner of my desk. I wake up thinking about computers and networks. I traded in my dictionary and maps for Google, a good search engine can solve ANY problem. I haven’t bought a CD in ten years; Apple Music has filled up my iTouch with everything from Hard Rock to Country to pod casts. I’m that old man who lives in the 21st Century…I am a nerd and I am proud of it.

Well, enough of that, I’m afraid work calls and I must be going. I hope the rest of your Sunday is relaxing my friends, and to my new people, I hope the same. Just remember, keep it between the lines and keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane.

See you all soon…


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