TGIF People, it’s real and it’s HERE!!!

Category: Musings That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / November 17, 2017

Good morning everyone, It’s TGIF my people!!

Yes, it’s that glorious day we all love to see on the calendar, that day when the work week comes to a merciful end and the relaxation can begin. You can decompress, let go of all that work-related stress, and just generally party. But hey my friends, let’s keep it under a wee bit of control, way do you say? No need to wake up on some stranger’s front yard after a blowout down at the local watering hole, bar, or maybe even the ‘Merry Old Pub’. A fun weekend can come to a screeching halt when trying to explain to the police you’re not sure how you ended up on Mr. Barnes lawn, who Mr. Barnes is, or better yet how you not even sure how you got to this neighborhood since you don’t live in this area.

But all of that aside, it’s time to tell you what I’ve been up to, or my opinion on something, which I never have a clue when I start these blog entries. So, here goes…ah, yes, I did notice some new sales of my books this week and that is very much appreciated, whoever it was who bought them. Thank you very much, I hope you enjoy the stories, and if you do please come back for more. I’ve also been gearing up for the next work, getting the old noggin and imagination ready for the work ahead. Yes, a new book already, well…not ‘already’ like tomorrow but it will be coming soon. I won’t promise any date yet, and I won’t tell on just which saga I’ll continue just yet. Surprises are good my friends, like the best presents on Christmas are the ones you didn’t find hidden in the attic.

Well, that’s it for me, not much to tell because not much has happened with me. I’ve been keeping my head down, and if you hadn’t realized by now, I don’t make social commentaries…well, hardly. I hope everyone has a great weekend, a safe and enjoyable one, and I will see you all on the other side. And, as always, keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane.

Keep it between the ditches people…

Thank for sharing!

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