Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends!

Category: Holiday Written by R Kane / November 24, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends!

(Or at least the ones who celebrate the holiday)

I hope everyone is doing good this turkey day. I hope you got to spend it with all your loved ones, family and friends alike. I truly hope you ate tons and tons of turkey and dressing and yams and beets and…well, whatever you feast on for a Thanksgiving. I know I had my fill, twice over, of turkey and dressing and the crazy part, I have a whole skillet left to eat along with a dish full of sweet potatoes. I’m going to be eating on left overs till Christmas, and then I’ll have the Christmas dinner and have a boat load of left-overs from that meal.

It’s a vicious cycle I say, a devilish plan to placate us all, make us fat and dumb so we spend WAY TOO MUCH on gifts for Christmas. Well, I’m on to them! As soon as I have two or three more helpings of that scrumptious food downstairs I’ll cease and desist. Nope, no more, not even a fourth or fifth helping…including CAKE!!

But seriously, I truly wish everyone a great Thanksgiving. If you didn’t get a chance to make it home for the holiday (like those serving in the Military over-seas) then know my prayers for your safety and wellbeing are on the way

Keep it between the ditches my people, and as always, keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane

See everyone soon…

Thank for sharing!

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