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Category: Musings My Works That's just R Kane Written by R Kane / December 1, 2017

Good morning all everyone, all my friends and followers. Rejoice my people, you have made it to the promise land! IT’S FRIDAY! Yes, that sacred day where the work week will draw to an end and the weekend will commence…all at 5 PM of course, unless your one of those lucky ones who took the day off, and if that’s so then let the party commence. I hope everyone has plans, probably something along the lines of getting certain duties done, but don’t forget to relax people, it’s a required thing every now and then to de-stress and just let go.

I’m working this weekend as usual, nothing new there, but my week wasn’t bad. I got in some quality time relaxing, drank a few beers with friends, and just geared myself toward getting ready for the next book. I got all my story notes together, well the ones I my head at least, and I can feel the old imagination engine revving up. Like I’ve said before, what story I proceed with is a secret for now. It may be Charlie taking on more government baddies from Runner, or it could be Alexander carrying on his centuries long grudge with Akhenaton from Ancient, or it might even be Samuel Swiftcrow recalling one of his past missions from Little Wolf. See, you just never know where my mind may take you, so it’s best to just hang on and enjoy the ride.

It’s what I do, and highly recommend.

As for anything else I’ve been up to, well that’s a secret too. Just know I do keep up with events that happen out there in the real world, sometimes to my utter dismay. I know it seems that at times the world is coming apart at the seams, that everything is heading for a historic and crap-tastic crash, but this is when you buckle down my friends. As I was always told when growing up, no one promised you a rose garden, so if you want one you’ll just have to go out there and make yourself one.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, keep it between the ditches, and as always keep on spreading the good word that’s R Kane

See you all real soon…

Thank for sharing!

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