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Category: Musings Written by R Kane / December 9, 2017

Good day everyone, my friends and followers. I hope your weekend is starting off fine, a beautiful day with family close by. I’m here at work, slow day, so I wanted to drop a quick post.

So, for the last year or more I’ve been wanting to move from where I live now to a new place, more of a Northern area then I live in now. I want to see snow, trees change colors, and experience that new feel you get when moving to a new place. The rambling bug has bitten me bad, like right to the bone, and I just want to see new things. But yeah, the need to see snow and feel the bite of cold winter wind on my face has been at the head of this need to move on.

And guess what happens yesterday?

We get two inches of snow…yeah, I know, it’s like someone somewhere is trying to tell me something and I’m too stubborn to hear it.

Have a great weekend everyone, long post coming I promise

Thank for sharing!

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