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Good morning my faithful friends and followers, its officially Friday so everyone can start getting all excited and jittery for the weekend. Yes, it is now allowed by both State and Federal agencies, that we the regular people can begin to get happy for the weekend on Friday mornings promptly at 8 AM, so be ready to go. And don’t start early, not one second, because if you do of the ‘They’ will come and make you work all day Saturday and half a day on Sunday. Don’t ask me who ‘They’ are, not sure if they’re part of the FBI or some clandestine Government agency, I just know they dress in really bad suits with horrible ties and work in Washington DC.

I think they call them ‘Senators’ and ‘Representatives’ or something like that.

Which brings me to the meat of this post, all fun aside. Our elected administration (and I won’t say his name, just like I’ll never say the name of the evil one Voldemort aloud-wait, crap, I just said his name out loud) and his crony FCC chairman just voted to repeal the ‘Net Neutrality’ rules and thus turned one of the last places where we all could be counted as the same into an elitist playground. Don’t sit there and tell me it won’t happen; the Telecom companies are already working it out.

Now, I’m not going to go ‘mansplaining’ what Net Neutrality is or anything, you guys can go look that up in a Google search. I think it brings back about, oh say, 5 TRILLION documents or something like that. See, I want to talk about something else, fairness. When Obama and his main man Tom put the rules for Net Neutrality in place in 2015, they were ensuring the ISP’s treated everyone the same no matter what the size. From the lowliest of dial-ups to those huge data pipes corporations use, we all had to be treated as the same meaning the ISP’s couldn’t throttle the flow of data. The funny part is, and I believe this, is that the Telecom boys never meant to keep us, the regular joes and janes, away from our data. Why throttle someone whose blowing through 16 Gig of data watching Netflix on their phones while riding the bus. They know said individual will pay extra for that precious data, why cut them off, that’s biting the hands of the ones who feed you. No, here’s what keeps me up at night. What if these ISP’s started to, oh I don’t know, give Netflix preferred transmission status? What if Netflix and YouTube could send data at full speed but some others, like Hulu or Vimeo, couldn’t because they didn’t have this ‘preferred’ status? Do you think that would hurt these somewhat smaller businesses? Now think about all the small sites that stream, maybe some small business site like mine trying to advertise a product like an independent book, or some mom and pop site who wants everyone to know they have some really good homemade apple sauce for sale. Are we supposed to stand back and give way to the big boys and girls just because of that fact, that their all bigger? The Net Neutrality rules assured us, the small players on the internet, that we could operate at the same measure and speed as the big players. That’s all we asked for and needed, the same level playing field no matter if we make a few bucks or a few million. I shouldn’t have to get up every morning and check my website to make sure its still up and doesn’t take five minutes to load.

Oh well, I’m done ranting, hope it doesn’t upset anyone and I made at least a modicum of sense. I tend to lose my audience when I rant so I hope everyone who started out with me on this ride is still here. I hope everyone has a great weekend, spend some time with loved ones and family, and as always keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane.

See you all soon…

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