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Category: Holiday Musings My Works Written by R Kane / January 11, 2018

Hello my friends and devoted followers, welcome to a brand new year! Yes, I know its been a bit since my last post, but with the Holidays and all I was just a bit busy with family. And then work got a little hectic as people went on and then came back from vacation, it got a bit crazy for a week there. And yet, I made it through and here I am, in one piece more or less.

So, I kind of know what you might be thinking right now. What does the new year hold in store for Kane? Well, it’s back to putting out new stories my people, another book or two, and just working at what I love to do. I plan on also putting up more here on my blog, putting up short stories on my Tumblr, and just making sure I keep everyone up to date with some awesome stuff. It’s my way of saying ‘Thanks’ to everyone who buys my works and falls in love with them. And if you didn’t fall in love with my works, well that’s fine, I know I won’t impress everyone. I just want everyone to enjoy and lose themselves in a good book, even if its not mine, though it would be REALLY cool if it is.

So, with the plan for 2018 laid out, I’m asking all my friends and followers to stick around and get ready for the year ahead. This is going to be a fun ride, I promise. I hope you enjoy it, and remember, keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane.

See you all soon and through out the new year!


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