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Category: Music, Tunes, and stuff that makes you ROCK!! Musings Written by R Kane / January 18, 2018

Good evening, all my friends and devoted followers, from the snowy Southern States. It’s been a wild ride these first months of Winter, what with two snow falls and cold so low I heard a man exclaim in the grocery store that ‘a damn polar bear would find today too damn cold to go outside.’ I thought it was pretty funny, and now I guess karma is laughing as well. I mean, I did say more than once I’d like to move up North to a place where it snows in Winter instead of rains, and lo-and-behold, it snows twice. Yeah, thanks Karma, I get it, here’s my snow so enjoy it.

I get it, really, I do

So, from this cold place, I’m blogging because I needed a break from playing ‘Warframe’ and I stumbled across a new version of the song ‘Halleljah’ from the band Theory of A Deadman. I’ve been a fan of the song since before it was in the Shrek movies. It’s just one of those songs that touches your soul, and it’s so relate-able. We’ve all been there, when a relationship that you thought was deep and loving turns out to be in truth a one-way street that ends in a sudden crash because of a dead end, for you at least. The pain of the relationship being over so swiftly that you just keep getting drug under the waves of depression each time you try to rise, the loneliness of your new ‘single arrangement’ in life feeling like a punch to the heart, over and over again. Yeah, getting on Facebook and having to change your status and letting everyone know your now alone sucks, but then there’s always that one friend who doesn’t see it and asks how you and the girlfriend are doing, still going strong they inquire with a wink.

Then there’s that awkward moment, having to explain to them that the relationship is over, and you use as few word as possible, you know, to limit the pain you still feel. Only the jackass doesn’t get it and keeps on digging for more information, like their writing some kind of article for CNN and they need all the pertinent information.

Now that’s pain, just like ripping the band aid off a cut, and whoever said ripping it off means less pain is full of you know what! Tearing an adhesive off your skin, pulling out the hair out by the root, is F*&KING painful. Seriously, I don’t understand how anyone gets waxed. I’d probably leap of the table and slap the hell out of the person pulling on the strip of cloth, then get arrested ten minutes later for assault.

Yeah, I can see that.

Well, guess I’ve taken up enough of everyone’s time. I hope wherever you are, you’re in for the night staying warm. If you get a chance, go listen to the tune and enjoy a very good version of the Leonard Cohen classic, and as always keep on spreading the good word that is R Kane.

See you all again soon…

Thank for sharing!

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