Here comes the work weekend!

In Musings , My Works , Updates By R Kane / March 19, 2016

Well, my weekend has come to an end, or will here shortly as my work week starts bright and early tomorrow morning.  I did have a great week as once … Read Mode

What a long day!

In Musings , Video Games By R Kane / March 17, 2016

Sorry for the late blog my people, had a long day here at the old homestead.  It started out kind of bad, Bernie didn’t do so well in the Primaries … Read Mode

One more day to go!

In Creating , Musings , Updates By R Kane / March 14, 2016

Good afternoon my people, contrary to the way I feel I survived the weekend at work.  Saturday wasn’t bad, not too busy and nothing out of the ordinary, but then … Read Mode

I thought you turned on the alarm?

In Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums By R Kane / March 11, 2016

Good evening my people, sorry for the delay but I had to do some pre-planned stuff before getting a chance to blog here.  So, I promised everyone the story of … Read Mode

It’s back up thank the Great Spirit!

In Musings By R Kane / March 9, 2016

Yes, I missed my post yesterday but I had a very good reason for not being here…it was because I couldn’t get here.  This fragile connection to the vast Wide … Read Mode

The Work Week is almost done…

In Creating , Musings By R Kane / March 7, 2016

The paperback version of Ancient is up on CreateSpace and ready to be picked up for all those who are interested in purchasing that kind.  The link here will take … Read Mode

Finally got to take a look-see…

In Musings , TV and other distractions By R Kane / March 3, 2016

All right, this morning I took a little break from my usual routine and did a binge on Netflix.  I’ve been interested in catching the Daredevil series since its beginning … Read Mode

Almost done with it…

In Creating , Musings , My Works By R Kane / March 2, 2016

You know, I’m getting pretty good at this Self-Publishing thing.  I created the cover for Ancient last night and uploaded it to CreateSpace last night and all in a couple … Read Mode

I made it! Yes I did!

In Creating , Musings , Updates , Video Games By R Kane / March 2, 2016

And my weekend has arrived, thank the Great Spirit!  I have no problems and no issues with my job, even with the calls which leave me in a dazed confused … Read Mode

How did this happen?

In Musings , Tuesday Tech Support Tantrums By R Kane / February 28, 2016

I’ve been doing some sort of computer support for most of my life, well over half of it at least.  From the days when I was a teenager pounding away … Read Mode

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