They spent how much, to go to a music festival?

Evening my friends, how are we doing? I hope your Tuesday was better than mine, because it would make me question all our collective Karma if your day was as … Read Mode

How are they a bad group?

In Musings , That's just R Kane By R Kane / May 2, 2017

Good evening everyone, my friends and followers. I hope each and every one of you had a great weekend. I know, it was hard being Monday and all, but look … Read Mode

You believe everything on the Internet, don’t you?

In Musings , Noob , That's just R Kane By R Kane / April 21, 2017

Good evening everyone, thank you for stopping by to check out the old blog. If your reading this then I guess you made it through your ‘Thursday Trials’ and are … Read Mode

And it’s HUMP DAY once more…

In Musings , My Works , That's just R Kane By R Kane / April 20, 2017

Good eve all my friends and followers, how are you on what was an excellent hump day? I hope it was fine. I expect it was because, hey, it was … Read Mode

You only have yourself to blame…

Good evening everybody, I’m coming at you from work right now, which looks a lot like my personal office from home. Wait, I work remote, that’s right. It’s kind of … Read Mode

Trying something new here…

In Holiday , Musings , That's just R Kane By R Kane / April 17, 2017

Good evening everybody, all my friends and followers! I hope your Easter weekend was a nice and fulfilling one.  I had to work of course, which isn’t a good thing … Read Mode

Back from a week off, right into the fire…

In Musings , That's just R Kane By R Kane / April 12, 2017

Hello, my friends and followers, good evening to all. Sorry for being away last week, but my daughter had the week off from school and we decided at the last … Read Mode

I learned to walk; since then I have let myself run

In Musings , That's just R Kane By R Kane / March 30, 2017

Good morning my followers and friends. I see we have made it through the middle of the week so you know what? Yep, it’s all downhill from here as they … Read Mode

I am home, thank all that is holy!

In Musings , That's just R Kane , Updates By R Kane / March 24, 2017

Hello my friends, followers, and those who accidentally hit the wrong link and ended up on my Blog. We made it people, the weekend is officially here, get up and … Read Mode

Good eveing from the foothills of the snow capped mountains

In Musings , That's just R Kane By R Kane / March 22, 2017

Good evening all my dear followers. I’m coming to you from what should be the snowy lands of Colorado, only it’s 60 degrees out here with perfectly blue skies above. … Read Mode

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